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How does Touco access my bank accounts?
Touco accesses your financial data through a technology created by banks called Open Banking. This is highly secure, and can only be done with your explicit consent. Touco never actually has access to your bank accounts, and can only receive limited data with your consent.

What does Touco do with banking data?
With the permission of the account holder, Touco collects information about bank transactions and makes it visible to another paired Touco user, such as a trusted friend or family member. This is highly secure, can only be done with your explicit consent, and you can revoke your consent at any time.

Can Touco access my money?
Touco does not have any access to manage your money. Touco can only see transaction information, but cannot see your login details and cannot be used to initiate or authorise payments.

How secure is Touco?
Touco is regulated by the same governing body as banks (the Financial Conduct Authority), with FCA number 927737.  This means we have the same obligations to keep your data safe and secure.

How does Touco protect against abuse?
No information is shared that isn't permitted to be shared. Just as someone can use Touco to give a carer visibility of their bank data, it can also be taken away upon request. Control stays with the bank account holder at all times.

Can I report someone using Touco to coerce or abuse?
Touco takes reports of abuse very seriously, and will help on a case by case basis. If you suspect someone is using Touco to control, bully, or scam someone, please report it immediately. We recommend that you do not engage with someone you suspect of harm directly. To report someone contact us on



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