Who to use Touco with

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Touco is a mobile app that allows carers to keep a helpful eye on a loved one's banking, by allowing them to share visibility of their bank accounts without sharing sensitive details. It's an app that's meant to be used in the context of a safe and trusting relationship.

If you're considering using the app and wondering who you might use it with, here are some ideas:

If you're a carer signing up to Touco

The person you should invite is someone you already look after, do things for, manage money in some way for. Someone you worry about, someone who has been letting things slip or been forgetful about money related stuff. Someone who might be relying on you to do important things like paying for bills, getting food shopping, or switching energy providers.

You might not always agree on everything, but for the most part they know you have their back and they can depend on you.

It might not be someone you necessarily loan money to or financially support, but that might be within the realm of possibilities.

This is someone who you care for and don't judge. You try to be patient with them, and perhaps have been in a position where they've helped you out or cared for you. The nature of your relationship might be evolving where you are having to take on more responsibility for them.

Am I a carer?
If someone relies on you to do something important for them in their everyday life, then yes! You're a carer.

How can I talk to this person about Touco?
Money conversations can be difficult, but we have written a guide to talking to a loved one about Touco.

If you've been invited to use Touco

The person who has invited you should be someone who is already helping you out in some way. Maybe you have lent them your bank card in the past so they can do shopping for you, or have given them access to your online banking details so they can pay your bills. Maybe you've already asked them to take over some part of your life to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself, like switching energy provider or finding a support worker.

You might not always agree on how to do things, but for the most part you know this person has your best interests in mind, and they do their best to support and protect you.

You trust this person, and would feel comfortable with them keeping an eye on your banking transactions. Maybe not from all time, but at least from this point forward. You know if they spotted something suspicious, they'd talk to you about it and try to help you out.

This person doesn't judge you. They are kind and patient with you. Perhaps you help each other out where you can, or you've cared for them in the past.



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